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I help organizations create conversations that matter.

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Management vs leadership

North American culture is obsessed with leadership. I used “obsessed,” advisedly because, as Geneen Roth once pointed out, people obsess over things they can’t have. Dieters who stress about chocolate, camera aficionados who dream about the latest lens, parents who fixate on their childrens’ toothbrushing or bowel habits—the more you can’t have something or have...

Belonging begins in the body

This post is adapted from a talk I gave at the Ontario Medical Association this summer as part of their Spaces of Belonging staff series. So first I want to set this conversation in the context of belonging.  Why is belonging at work important? Well, from a corporate perspective, an employee will perform best when their morale is high, and morale is formed at least in part by: positive...

Creating conversations that matter.